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The Consumer Goods Logistics Network is a partnership organization that helps businesses optimize logistics. Our partners have access to valuable resources that assist with making informed decisions about their warehouse needs. We work with consumer goods businesses in different industries to bring them the latest information on resources, practices, and trends.

Our team can also help our partners find warehouse services for their businesses. With our vast North American network of contacts, we can connect businesses for Vancouver to Toronto and beyond with the right resources to fit their needs.

The Consumer Goods Logistics Network currently provides resources on a few select types of warehouses. If you have questions about a different warehouse, contact us.

Dedicated Warehouses

Dedicated warehouses are those that store and distribute products for a single company. Businesses choose dedicated warehousing to maintain total control over their product and inventory.

Learn more about dedicated warehouses.

Co-packing Warehouses

Co-packing warehouses are third-party logistics providers that specialize in packing and shipping products for multiple companies. Businesses choose co-packing warehouses to outsource their packing and shipping needs.

Learn more about co-packing warehouses.

3PL Warehouses

3PL warehouses are third-party logistics providers that provide a variety of services for businesses, including warehousing, transportation, and order fulfillment. These warehouses are often used by businesses that want to outsource most of their logistics needs.

Learn more about 3PL warehouses.

Find a Warehouse

If you are a partner of the Consumer Goods Logistics Network, we can help you find a warehouse fulfillment provider that meets your needs and budget. We have a network of contacts that spans across Canada.

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The Consumer Goods Logistics Network can help businesses understand logistics and find the right type of warehouse fulfillment service for their needs. Our team and network offer a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and connections. These resources are invaluable to all partners.

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