About CGLN - Our Story, Mission, and Experience

At Consumer Goods Logistics Network, our vision is to be the world's number one resource for logistics information to consumer goods companies. Throughout our years in the logistics industry, we, and many others, have struggled to find accurate, up-to-date information on the logistics of consumer goods.

To solve this, we have created a network dedicated to providing the latest information on logistics trends, news, and best practices to help businesses save time and money. Our mission is to provide logistics information that is accurate, timely, and actionable for our clients. We are located in Vancouver, BC, and our network spans the entire North American market.

Why Did We Start the Consumer Goods Logistics Network?

The logistics industry is growing more complex, and it is constantly changing. We started the Consumer Goods Logistics Network to help businesses make sense of logistics and find the information they need to make informed decisions.

We believe that the most effective way to solve these problems is through a network of connected partners. Creating a community of like-minded individuals allows us to share information and discover new strategies and techniques.

Our network has recently formed, but our partners make up some of the worlds leading consumer goods companies. Our goal is to become the go-to source for logistics information in Canada.

Our Experienced Network Provides Immense Value

The Consumer Goods Logistics Network contains partners with a wealth of experience in the logistics industry. Partners of our network receive collaborative information on warehousing & logistics, plus the additional value sent from our team. 

The connections and experience are invaluable to our partners, who can benefit from the insights and best practices that our other partners have to offer. 

CGLN Partnership Pricing

The cost to join the CGLN depends on the tier chosen.

Bronze Partnership - $2385 per year
Silver Partnership - $3375 per year
Gold Partnership - $4875 per year (includes 1 sponsored event)

We are constantly expanding our network to provide more value to our clients. If you would like to join our network, please contact us.