How it Works - CGLN Partnership

The Consumer Goods Logistics Network is a partnership-based organization. Our partners are Canadian businesses that are involved in the logistics of consumer goods.

Our network is dedicated to sharing logistics information that is relevant to the consumer goods industry. Our process of sharing information happens in two ways. First, we consistently share new information through our website, newsletter, and social media channels. Our website is updated monthly with new articles, and we send out a monthly newsletter with the latest industry news.

Additionally, the network is also a community, where each company shares its own unique experiences and tips. This process creates a collaborative learning environment that helps each business grow.

What is the Consumer Goods Logistics Network?

The Consumer Goods Logistics Network is a Canadian-based network that provides logistics information to consumer goods companies. Our partners include many of Canada's most well-known logistics and consumer goods companies, and we are quickly becoming the go-to source for consumer goods logistics information in the country.

The network was created to solve the problem of finding accurate, up-to-date information on the logistics of consumer goods. We provide our partners with access to the latest information on logistics trends, news, and best practices, so they can save time and money.

As a partner of the Consumer Goods Logistics Network, you will have access to:

  • The latest information on logistics trends, news, and best practices.
  • A community of like-minded individuals who can offer support and advice.
  • Professional support from our experienced team.

Associate Partnership Costs

Supplier Partners: $2,945 CAD per year 

Customer Partners: $1845 CAD per year 

Regular Partner Pricing

The cost to join the CGLN depends on the tier chosen.

  • Bronze Partnership - $2385 per year
  • Silver Partnership - $3375 per year
  • Gold Partnership - $4875 per year (includes 1 sponsored event)

How Do You Join?

The Consumer Goods Logistics Network is always looking for new partners. We have partners in different industries across Canada. If you are keen on learning more in-depth information about the consumer goods industry and would like to join our network, please contact us.